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Our company, the UV Cover Kft. is a covermaker loft what manufactures, markets and sells UV Covers special lycra covers. You have represented to our precedessor GZ srl with their support and some marketing activities to sell UV Covers.

We want to give you the opportunity to be a Dealer for UV Covers within your area of influence, whether such area is within or without our exclusive area, so long as such dealership does not infringe on any other exclusive area licensed for the sale of UV Covers and so long as UV Covers consents to such dealership arrangement.

Subject to those conditions, and the terms and conditions set out below, we are pleased to offer you the following dealership arrangement:

1. You as a Dealer can sell UV Covers which are manufactured by or for us. You understand and respect that UV Covers Company and its precedessor has devoted considerable cost, energy and time to the development of the products, with goodwill.

Discount are based on sale and efforts to spread UV Covers brand, and the margins are calculated on steps through the solar year. The margins are transferred every year to the next year.

Hobby dealer: this is the entry point for the first UV Covers. In case of ordering together for 900 € (net price) the discount is 10%. Not much, but the hobby dealer gets all of the opportunity what our other partners get, but he has to work a little bit more to be on the official dealers' list.

Upgrade dealer: the dealer who sold UV Covers for 3000 € (net price) will be an upgrade dealer. The discount is 20%, and +5% extra discount for ordering 5 cover together. The upgrade dealer is on our dealers' list, is shown on the map.

Oem dealer: it's one of the key partners for us. After selling in charge of 12000 €. The discount is 30%, with +5% extra if ordering 5 covers together.

Exclusive dealer: the excusive dealer gets excusivity of location or boat brands. The discount is 40%. The details are unique, and will be regulated in a different agreement.

If a Dealer doesn't sell any UV Covers for one year the Dealer will go back one level.

3. Until the online ordering system is not available, orders should be sent to info@uvcovers.com. Payments are required in advance. For bunch orders (min. 5 pieces) we require at least a 50% at the order and 50% before shipping.
4. We agree that the most efficient way to sell UV Covers is the personal connection. Otherwise we do not have dealers on every shore of the planet that's why we will operate a webshop on our webpage. At the same time we will try to preserve our dealers' areas from multiple dealers as long as they can grant us a remarkable volume of sales. In case of exclusivity the hobby and upgrade dealers will belong directly to the exclusive dealer, and they will be informed up to date.

This Dealer arrangement is "at will" which means that either of us can cancel this Dealer arrangement at any time, with or without cause.

If this Agreement satisfactorily sets forth our understanding, please fill the form below, sign and date in the space provided below. That act put the agreement into force.

I have read the terms and conditions of this Letter Agreement and I have read and understand the terms and conditions of the License Agreement and I agree to all the terms and conditions set forth in these referenced documents.

Approved by UV Covers Company:

Date: 2019-01-22