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Why is UV Covers the Olympic sailors' favourite cover brand?*

Once upon a time, really long time ago a genius sailmaker decided to create a new kind of cover for sporty sailboat like dinghys and catamarans. The sailmaker was the deeply honored Giorgio Zuccholi, who was working with high class and Olympic sailors. As Giorgio (who is actually the record keeper of Centomiglia of Lago di Garda, still today!) designed many Olympic medal winner sails, he was working very close to the sailors. Their need was a light cover to protect the boat. He found the answer for their needs, and that was the ancestor of the contemporal UV Covers.

Time by time the UV Covers passed out of minds but a few years ago Giorgio's old mate Pablo Soldano woke up the brand. Later he sold the knowhow, and after several updates we got the UV Covers of nowadays. 

What are your needs if you are running an Olympic campaign? You have many needs, and we have a solution for some of them. You are sailing a lot. You are sailing almost everyday. You are sailing at many places around the World. You travel a lot, really. We know, that you need to reduce the sources of stress. You need to reduce the time what you spend with preparing the boat. You need those procedures to keep as simple as possible. You also need a good boat, and you would like to watch after it as much as possible. That's why Olympics sailors are using UV Covers. 

We hope that Santiago Lange and Cecilia Carranza, Bora Gulari, Louisa Chafee, Yago and Klaus Lange, Mári Érdi, Zsombor Berecz, Diego Botín and Iago López won't be mad that we mention them. We are proud that they are using UV Covers. And they are just a few names of our beloved customers. 

It's not only available for the Olympics sailors, you can have one too. Just order directly from our webshop.



Picture from Bora Gulari's instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BaUx5v4B_J4/?hl=en&taken-by=bora_sailing Bora, you are amazing, you are a hero!


*It's only a supposition, but it is founded on facts.