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The #yellowcover appears again

Between 1st and 10th of September the Finn dinghy Gold Cup will be organized at Balatonföldvár, Hungary. The Gold Cup is the World Championships of that classic but very high end Olympic class.

The local hot shot is Zsombor Berecz, who is almost never sailing on the lake Balaton, because he is a 3 time Olympic sailor training and racing around the World. Just for the record: Zsombor is using UV Covers for his boat. Last week finished the World Cup in Santander at the second place with same point as the winner Ben Cornish.

We are very happy to announce that the deal was born and the Finn Gold Cup this year will be supported by UV Covers. That means that the leader will get a yellow boat cover to his boat the races every day. This way everyone will know in the boatpark who is the best overall, maybe some new names will come up? Of course nobody will stay without UV Covers on the podium.