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The yellow cover

We decided to work together with several sailing events from this year. The overall leader of the Worlds (substituable with any regattas) will get a yellow cover to his/her boat after the daily races. The big riddle everyday will be that who will get the yellow cover?  Everyone loved the idea, because it's something new. I guess that you will see very soon the #yellowcover hashtag around the social media.

At first we started to talk about it with the organizers of Formula 18 Worlds. The regatta will be in Vallensbæk, Denmark, during the second week of July 2017. UV Covers became the sponsor of the event, and it won't be a surprise that there will be some good UV Covers gifts at the podium too! 

The F18 Worlds is the first event to debute the yellow cover but we hope that many will follow it. When you are running a fresh company, you are looking constantly for new, unconventional marketing ideas. There are methods what don't work anymore, and many what has unbelievable high costs. But the idea of yellow cover is a perfect win-win situation for everyone. That's why it's amazing to work together with such an innovative team at UV Covers. Our products are good, and we always find out something new and good. Just need to find the good partners too.