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If you arrived here to read this blogpost we may suppose that you are a committed sailor of dinghies or catamarans. Because yacht owners don't use such kind of boatcovers only if their boat is off from the water during wintertime - but it is a whole other question. Dinghy- or catsailors leave their boat in the club or the marina on the shore for a few days or sometimes for more sad longer weeks. If the boat stay naked, many bad surprizes can salute you when arriving back to sail. 

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Most of the sailors has a ceremonious preparation against sun before going to the water. Choose the right lycra or spandex top, sunglasses, hat, and some waterproof sun cream to the nose at least.

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If you want to understand why we have to protect our boats from the sun, you'll need to read some science. Don't be afraid, some of us went mostly sailing instead of sitting in the school, but it's understandable for everyone.

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