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Are you a sportboat sailor who is sailing often regattas? Are you the one who is swimming around the boat on the racing day mornings, or did you delegate this job? Anyway we have something very useful for you.

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The regatta season is on, time to embark to the classical American tradition, the road trip! But not a general one, with a rusty and dusty cabrio, some guns, bad guys, alcohol and drugs, crime, sex and love, good music... but even a better one!!! Pulling a trailer with your boat, car full packed with wet- and drysuits, lifevests. Your mind is full with the upcoming event, the feeling of the boatpark, the smell of a new shore, the get-together with your best mates, and sailing sailing sailing to your last breath... 

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We decided to work together with several sailing events from this year. The yellow cover is the clue of it.

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