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For Mischa this F18 Title took more than 10 years in the making. Congratulations Mischa Hemskeerk and Stephan Dekker, well deserved! It was a great debut for the #yellowcover, and people liked the idea. Even on the event's facebook page these pictures got many likes. Thank you for the support!

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The regatta season is on, time to embark to the classical American tradition, the road trip! But not a general one, with a rusty and dusty cabrio, some guns, bad guys, alcohol and drugs, crime, sex and love, good music... but even a better one!!! Pulling a trailer with your boat, car full packed with wet- and drysuits, lifevests. Your mind is full with the upcoming event, the feeling of the boatpark, the smell of a new shore, the get-together with your best mates, and sailing sailing sailing to your last breath... 

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