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Requests for Nacra 15 covers

It is a real challenge to invite young sailors from Optimist to the track of multihulls. Once you became a catsailor, you will stay a catsailor forever. It doesn't mean that you cannot sail Volvo Ocean Race or any competitional or leisure monohull, but you will always return to some speedmachines.


Many great sailing icons are working on to find the path to the rising generation, for example the Foiling Grandpas Dany Paschalidis and Trigonis Konstatinos, who invented the involvement of young sailors at Tornado class, or Roman Hagara and Hans Peter Steinacher who are the organizers of the Redbull Foiling Generation series.


The older catamarans in this program needed replacement as the youth of the world wants to sail in a catamaran that can carry more crew weight and is a modern design than the current ones. The Nacra 15 resembles a lot to its bigger sister, the Olympic Nacra 17. In fact, the Nacra 15 is a mini version of the Olympic Nacra 17, creating a pathway towards the Olympics.

The whole idea of the Nacra 15 is to catch youth for life, so they choose sailing as a life sport! The official ISAF youth multihull has to be an exciting but safe product where new generations have fun with and enables them to take the best out of themselves as a team. Not an easy goal but the Nacra 15 is the answer.

As the young sailors seems to be more professionals sometimes as the adults, they started to order cover for their Nacra 15. In the last days we got so many requests, that we got to upload it to the webshop: http://uvcovers.com/nacra_15_boat_cover 

And if you travels a lot with your teenage cat, don't forget to order the hull covers: http://uvcovers.com/nacra_15_hull_cover




Picture is from the website of Nacra: http://www.nacrasailing.com/project/nacra-15-pathway-for-youth-sailing