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Our first ambrassador

UV Covers proudly presents its first ambrassador Trigonis Konstantinos!

He started sailing at age 11 in Optimist like most the young sailors. Later he became 420 National Champion in Greece, so it was no doubt that he has something to do with sailing. 

He participated 4 Olympics from 1996 to 2008. He won several times Worlds and European Championships in 470 and Tornado class. He is a honoured member of the Red Bull athlets' team. Now he is sailing in catamaran classes as A-cat, F18 and Tornado.

We decided to work together to get as honest feedback about our covers as possible. Kostas will use it while training or racing with his A-cat ant many places, many weather conditions. If you meet him anywhere around the world please don't forget to ask him about UV Covers - we will do it in a few weeks!