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New product on the horizon

As so many people demanded we undertook the task and started producing winter boatcovers. Of course they can be used in summer if you leave your boat for a long time.

We prefer to use Sunbrella, and thanks to the choice of material the covers have many positive features against conventional PVC-based durable covers.

At first, these covers fits well to the boat, as the template was made by handwork and by an upgraded design software. It's like your boat has a handmade suit, ready for a special event - like you come to sail.  The Sunbrella material is an acrylic-based canvas, has an anti-funghi coating, it's water and UV resistant, and also air permeable. Even if it's a weatherproof cover it's quite light, for example an F18 cover's weight is about 5 kilograms.

These covers are available to some A-cat and F18 boats, and will be available soon for Tornado, Nacra 17, Laser, Optimist, Finn, Moth, D-One, RS Feva. Anything else needed please let us know.