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Need a sponsor?

We get some letters every week from sailors where they ask us to support them as sponsor. It is very hard, because at our team everyone has a big heart. Wish we were Richard Branson at least and give endless money to everyone who would like to be a better sailor. But we are not Richard Branson, none of us.

What we can recommend you from our side, as a company in boating business, a possible and potential sponsor? We have some tips how can you make your sugar daddy happy.

  1. Take the money and run! NO! NEVER EVER! Don't even think about it!!! They will not give money or stuff for your next season.
  2. Think to the future! Now your summer is solved but if you do everything right, the next ones will be sponsored too.
  3. Find the way to observe every points of the sponsoring contract. Try to top. It's not a big deal for you but your sponsor will be happy.
  4. Be active on social media. Not about your party life, but your way to be as professional as possible. If you don't share no one will know about it. Neither the head of your club, neither your parents, neither your sponsor. The sponsor has to know that you (and the sponsor as well) are spending the money well, and you use your sailing stuff with care.
  5. Say "thank you" not only "please".
  6. Did you got a new boat? Take care about it, protect it with UV Covers!
  7. Smile! It's important.

And the big question: how to get those sponsors? Ok, be as persistent as possible. Never ever give up. Make a good pdf about you, make a video, then remake it. Write your newest goals and results into it. Then after the next race again. Send it over again and again as soon as you get new contacts. Make a facebook page, and post there something informative everyday, or every second day. Make live videos from the boatpark or after the training. Post pictures with nice hashtags to the instagram. Make yourself visible for google. Share information about your hard work to reach your goals. That way you will train yourself to be somebody who is worth sponsoring.