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Looking back to the F18 Worlds

As Catsailingnews wrote, we agreed: this was one of the most competitive Worlds we can remember. Leaders and podium changing every minute.

For Mischa this F18 Title took more than 10 years in the making. Congratulations Mischa Hemskeerk and Stephan Dekker, well deserved! It was a great debut for the #yellowcover, and people liked the idea. Even on the event's facebook page these pictures got many likes. Thank you for the support!

Patrick Demesmaeker & Gilles Tas maintained the Title at hand at all times, even to race 7. They had the pressure on being favorites and act accordingly, it was too close. Same for Jolbert van Dijk- Franck de Waard, 3rd overall. This team is serious stuff and Jolbert guided by Frank will become even better world class sailor

Mitch & Ruben Booth finished 4th overall  and Danny Paschalidis & Kostas Trigonis 5th, both sailing a Exploder Scorpion with sails 1D sails. In the top 5 whole event, fighting back after a bad result is not easy and they had many comebacks. It was soo close thinking on final score was tough results for any of the top 5. How close these teams were: 5th just 2 points away from 2nd.

Good to see Mitch racing with Ruben again, they were second overall after R7, same for Danny Paschalidis  & Konstantinos Trigonis. Great effort for them towards the Title being new to the boat and racing together in the F18. It was too close for them also with lots of work  and develop involved previous weeks, hope they continue to race in the Class.

To crews above add the great performance of Argies Cruz Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser, finished 6th overall and had chances for podium too. Hats off to them one more time. 7th overall for Simon Norhtrop-Sam Barker, they were fast and even led Mischa around the course in F1.

The surprise of the event were Philip Hendryckx and Filip Oyslager those scared many top notch renown riders! And will be a treat next F18 events. Final what to say about the Sach bros, I only wish to be able to sail that much, not been to dare racing at top level for decades. Youths World Champs 2017: Antoine Ferrec & Foucauld Delaplace from France, followed by Jordi Booth & Joan Costa Estiarte.

Congratulations to ALL! :)

We would like to say thank you for Jan Hedmann Jensen for the big support from the organizers' side. He helped a lot to put across this #yellowcover project.

And where will the #yellowcover pop up next time? At Finn Worlds, in September. Stay tuned!