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How to find the best cover for your boat?

If you arrived here to read this blogpost we may suppose that you are a committed sailor of dinghies or catamarans. Because yacht owners don't use such kind of boatcovers only if their boat is off from the water during wintertime - but it is a whole other question. Dinghy- or catsailors leave their boat in the club or the marina on the shore for a few days or sometimes for more sad longer weeks. If the boat stay naked, many bad surprizes can salute you when arriving back to sail. 


At first, there are the birds. They can be seagulls or any little wing-owners who thinks it's a good idea to fly around. We will be honest: they don't care and shit on your boat. Their poop can contains chemically different things what erode the surface, and it's also dangerous to you health.


Also at many sailing clubs there are trees, what makes shade during the warm summer but their leafs are falling down. To your boat. Make it dirty, very dirty.

When the wind is coming from a special direction it is holding dust in the air. Did you ever realize that your boat became very dirty in a week? The wind is the guilty one. Ok sometimes in some clubs the lawn is not so green around the middle of the season, so probably the dust is local sometimes.

Over on these we don't have to mention  the Sun, as the origin of UV rays.


The right decision depends on where do you leave, how many days you sail, is it a hobby or something more. 


If you are somebody who is workaholic, or has many things to do in life, or you wifey don't let you sail as much as you wish, and you leave the boat on the shore for weeks, then just choose a strong cover for your boat made from Weathermax, Sunbrella or any similar material. The reason of why we recommend it is that you have spare time to go on water, we guess that you have one of the worst places in the club. Don't worry, times change often, just take the control of your destiny into your hands.


If you are somebody who has a job as most people, and sailing during the weekends, or organizing your holidays around your beloved sport, choose a strong cover for your dry days, and use UV Covers during these days when you spend as much time on the water as you can. UV Covers are very light, and it's quick and easy to take on the boat. 


Are you a professional, an instructor, or an Olympic sailor? Probably you sail more than 100 days a year. You should be our customer, perhaps you already have a cover produced by UV Covers.