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How to choose a perfect gift for a sailor?

Christmas is around the corner, but you have a few more days to organize the gifts. We would like to help you to find out a good gift in the World of sporty sailors.


Our basic assumption is now that your sailor (your spouse, mom, dad, daugther, son, sister, brother, friend or just the guy next door) is a dinghy, skiff or catamaran sailor. 


It’s depends on how much money would you like to spend to this gift, but we have some good idea. Let say not more that 500 €, what is even not a small amount, but you can also order a seems-to-be-funny-mug somewhere, like “A rough day on the sea is better than any day in the office” os “smooth sea has never made a skillful sailor”. (Please not!)


At first you have to know that these girls and guys are very into the technics, and love the practical gifts. Their boat has some part what is good to change often. 


A pair of good sunglasses could be a perfect gift. Kaenon, Oakley, Ray Ban, Tag Heuer, Zerorh+, Julbo or even Hobie is a good choice. A lycra shirt against the sun is something practical also. Choose any sailing brand, it will be a perfect gift. A new mainsheet is something good, but in this case you have to know more deeply the proper needs for your gifted sailor. Perhaps your sailor is into the splicing or just wanna be, a basic splicing kit with a book is also a great present. 


We have to don’t forget that UV Covers is a perfect gift. If you know the type of the boat, you can order it directly from our webshop in some minutes. If you order in the next days it will arrive until Christmas, and you can put in under the tree. It’s something professional, practical and very nice, your sailor would be happy to have one. Buy it at your local dealer or order from our webshop!


Ho-ho-hooo, Merry Christmas!