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Everything you wanted to know about the cleaning belt

Are you a sportboat sailor who is sailing often regattas? Are you the one who is swimming with a sponge around the boat on the racing day mornings, or did you delegate this job? Anyway we have something very useful for you. UV Covers produces a cleaning belt to exfoliate the small wildlife and any possible dirt from the hull. One side is very smooth, the other one is a little bit more rubbish. 

How to use it:

You will need two mates from the team, one to each side of the boat. Get the handle, and start to move it up and down step by step moving forward under the boat to wash it down properly, from the bow to the stern, of course to the keel from each direction... - or contrariwise, as you like it. Choose the rougher or the smoother side on the needs.

It's available in different sizes, available for every common keeler. Choose the lenght you need for your boat, for example we recommend to buy a 6 meter long cleaning belt for a 8mod.  http://uvcovers.com/cleaning_belt